D-TEC uruchamia na nowo Flexitrailer

Producent naczep D-TEC zaprezentował we wrześniu zmodyfikowaną linie S Flexitrailer na targach transportowych IAA. Ta nowa wersja naczepy szczyci się ilością licznych innowacji pozwalających na oszczędności.

“We specifically took the feedback of our customers to heart in our upgrade of the S-line Flexitrailer,” explains D-TEC-Director Gerrit van Vlastuin. “We also conducted cost optimizations following a maintenance cost-analysis.”

No more filling blocks
We would like less loose parts on the container chassis. “That was one of the most common customer requirements.” We mainly sought a nice solution for the filling blocks and we have found this in the form of the D-TEC folding twist lock. This is a twist lock, which unfolds from a double twist lock console, if necessary. The filling blocks thus became obsolete. D-TEC tested this innovation extensively at a number of interested customers, but will initially offer this optionally. Van Vlastuin: “The test companies, however, are very enthusiastic and no longer want anything else!”


Cost savings 
As previously mentioned, the new S-line Flexitrailer also contains cost-saving updates. The rear lights are an example of this. D-TEC removed these, so standard block lamps with LED lights can be used. In the new position, the lamps are nestled more in the chassis, thus reducing the chance of damage significantly. Another improvement concerns the application of rollers in the standard Flexitrailer design: they slide smoothly out the rear part. These revamped rollers no longer need adjustment and have a longer service life.

D-TEC also standardised the air suspension through which they realised a saving in weight. In combination with BPW axles, for example, these savings can add up to 70 kilos. The new Flexitrailer S-line comes with a standard closed side-panel; customers can apply advertising to this. In the new bumper construction, D-TEC also included all bumper requirements that are to take effect in the next few years.